Wow! Kediaman mewah ni mencuri tumpuan mata kerana dekorasi mewah dan susun atur bak hotel Eropah 5 bintang! Doktor muda ini bukan sahaja bijak dan pandai bergaya malah mempunyai taste dalam dekorasi rumah.


 Menurut Doktor Fara Izzati Yusoff, rumah mewah jenis cluster di sebuah kawasan elit di Johor Bahru ini dimiliki dan disusun atur bukan sekaligus.

“Saya dan suami beli rumah ni kerana kami ditawarkan harga yang begitu baik dari pemaju. Zero down payment, free legal fees, diskaun unutk Bumiputera, rebat tunai, free 1 year maintenance fee dan baucar IKEA yang membolehkan saya mendekorasi rumah!” katanya.

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|| DREAM HOME || Alhamdullilah, after almost half a year of waiting, our dream home is now complete. It was not an easy journey to get, plan and renovate this house. A lot of sacrifices made, tears break, and fight and arguments happened along the way. A lot of time with family sacrificed;- there were days when I did not see my child when I left home early morning and back late at night because I had to do locums to get extra income. My off days were also replaced with locum slots. Same goes to my husband; he was the one who sacrificed a lot of time to take care of our childrens & get them ready almost everyday to send them to babysitter & fetch them because his working hours is more flexible compared to me. I'm not a specialist/consultant who earns hundred thousands per month; I'm just a regular medical officer who also has financial struggle when it's coming towards the end of the month. My husband is also not a multi-billion businessman, who also sometimes struggles when payment were late. There were times when he only has less than RM 20 in his account (yes, it's a true story). But everything made possible with hardwork and sacrifices. We help each other out and everything requires a lot of give and take. We never share our problems to other people doesn't mean our life is always easy and we always get what we wanted. Nothing is easy in this life. You have to work for it. The more things you want to achieve in your life, the more hardwork and efforts you have to put in. I also feel so thankful to have such an understanding husband and a very supportive family who have helped me to make my dream home comes true. They were always there when I need help. So here's the complete look of my house which was virtually designed by @indesignnbuild and turns into reality by their team, @ikeamalaysia and myself. • Wainscoting & carpentery works by @indesignnbuild • Kitchen & 2nd floor furniture from @ikeamalaysia • Living & dining hall furnitures from @ssfsdnbhd & @deco_concept_malaysia • Rugs from @imhomestylist • Curtains & blind from @windeco_official • Entire house decoration by me #homedecor #homedecormalaysia #interiordesign #interiordesignmalaysia

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Bila melihat dekorasi rumah mewah ini juga, Dr. Fara banyak berkongsi tips untuk berbelanja dengan lebih bijak.

“Saya tak banyak menabung, tapi we had a really good deals. Dengan rebat tunai, kami belanjakan untuk renovasi rumah. Duit simpanan lama dan hasil dari locum di klinik saya gunakan untuk membeli barangan dekorasi dan perabot.” katanya.

 Dalam perkongsian di Instagramnya juga beliau tidak lokek dengan tips membeli barangan perabot mewah tetapi pada harga berpatutan.

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•MOOD BOARD• A few people have asked me how I plan my room, so I'm sharing a mood board that I've created for my living & dining room. Colour & choices of furnitures are the most essential part in decorating your house. Always stick to your theme & colour pallete to create a warm, cozy look. Take time to find furnitures that can suits your theme be it Modern, Classic or Scandinavian style. As for me, I've always dreamed of a Modern European house with a feeling of entering into a 5-star luxury hotel (? sangat kannnn). So the choices of furnitures are mostly Chesterfield. It's quite difficult to get chesterfield sofa, armchairs and dining chairs that suits your theme colour because they are mostly custom made which means = expensive. I have bought my furnitures long before we received our house key. We did not buy everything all together (tokey balak pn bankrup masuk rumah baru nk kene kuar duit bli sume furniture skali ?). I'm a big fan of SSF, so everytime they made a promotion I will not missed. So most of my furnitures are 40-50% less than the original price you see in SSF. I also made a pre-order items from direct seller like @deco_concept_malaysia that import furnitures with prices which are a lot cheaper than any furniture stores , but you have to wait for 2-3months before the arrival of the items. I found @deco_concept_malaysia in IG, which at first I was quite sceptical to order furnitures online (mcm nk bli baju je kn) but they are actually very reliable & will respond to your enquiries promptly. They will also replace any faulty items that arrives to your door. Just like my dining table, which I found a crack on the marble top (totally understand it as it has travelled all the way from China with a lot of handlings during transit, of course it put risks on any fragile items). But they replaced my table top with a new one. So, spare a lot of time to find the right furnitures and with a harmonious colour combination, it can create a wow factor to your space. #homedecorinspo #homedecormalaysia #interiordesign #interiordesignmalaysia #homedecorinspiration

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Begitu juga beliau berkongsi tips untuk dekorasi rumah. Walaupun beliau seorang doktor, tetapi taste dalam dekorasi ada class tersendiri!

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Entryway decorating tips ? Tips #1: Keep it minimal – the first thing to know before styling your entrance is: less is more. You'll only want to pick 2-3 key items to display in this area, so guests can enter with ease while admiring your few selections. Tips #2: Look up – Always play with lighting, even a simple decor can look very sophisticated with the right lighting. Tips #3: Look down – A hallway runner or a stylish rug will add personality and colour to an entrance without taking up too much space. Tips #4: Use mirror – especially if your entryway is on the smaller side. Mirrors will help to give the illusion that there is more space than there actually is, while also helping bounce the light around. #homedecorinspo #homedecorinspiration #homedecormalaysia #interiordesign #interiordesignmalaysia #moderneuropean #homesweethome

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Memang tak puas tatap foto-foto kediaman milik Dr. Fara. Mungkin ada tips dan idea ini boleh anda gunakan untuk kediaman anda!

Tip untuk dekorasi rumah dengan anak kecil

“Paling susah nak maintain dekorasi rumah bila anak-anak masih kecil. Untuk anak saya yang berusia 4 tahun, memang taka da masalah tetapi adiknya baru setahun lebih. Jadi, saya akan bawa si kecil ke tingkat 2 di mana tiada dekorasi barangan mudah pecah.


Walau apa pun, kids will be kids. Jika kita ajar mereka sedikit demi sedikit apa yang boleh dan apa yang tidak, mereka pasti akan tahu apa yang boleh di bawa bermain dan apa yang tidak!”ujar Dr Fara.